Have you heard of the #ArtistsCommunity

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Have you heard about the ArtistsCommunity? It’s a growing group of artists on YouTube who are working towards a better and more supportive platform… It’s so easy for good channels with Amazing (with a capital A) content to be overwhelmed or hidden by channels that produce mediocre content. So often these channels stop producing their videos… because what’s the point …

Roundup of April Challenge Submissions – Red Panda

Cristina Duran From Cris Crafts Red Panda April Challenge Submission

This month’s art challenge was to paint a red panda to help raise awareness for the plight of the cute animal. Sometimes, as individuals, we find a cause to work towards that drives us above and beyond. This is especially true for many artists, as we have to so often connect with our emotional sides to be creative. If you …