December 2018 – Sunlight

  • November 13, 2018 at 10:10 am #213
    Kat Skinner

    With Europe heading into winter, the light is waning, many people start to suffer from seasonal depression. Light is so important to our daily lives, yet when did you stop and truly appreciate it? This is the perfect excuse to go sit in the park and sketch, or relax at home with some beautiful holiday photos as reference.

    To participate:

    Let us know that you are joining by leaving a comment here. If you want to collaborate then also tell us so others can more easily find and join you.

    Make an artwork tying into the theme above. Tell us about it! Submit here with links to your artwork; a photo on instagram, a video, a website… however you like to publish your art. Use #artistcommunity hashtag whenever possible.

    Try to submit your artwork by the last day of December, ideally earlier if possible. This lets other members show off your art, and hopefully you will show theirs as well.

    To Collaborate:

    If you like to collaborate, consider doing a shoutout to someone else who has participated in this challenge. If you do, let them know as I’m sure it’ll make their day.

    If you want to do a shoutout video, post a video first week of January – that gives everyone time to submit their challenge artwork and films. If you aren’t on YouTube yet, shout-outs on social media like Instagram is another great option.


    You don’t have to, but do please consider working towards a cause. There are many health groups working to raise awareness (seasonal) depression and mental health. If you sell your artwork/prints, consider donating some or all of the profits to your chosen charity. For example, I donate 10% profits on all prints to charity. If you aren’t selling yet, donating your original artwork to a charity auction is a great way to gain exposure and help the cause.

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